Drag Knife Cutting
Another import from a different industry is this CAD controlled knife cutter. Originally designed for the packaging industry we have adapted it to be able to cut a whole range of materials that even the manufacturer said wouldn't be possible. We can use your drawing or create our own from a sample or just a description and without any need for tooling the operator can program the machine to cut up to 10mm depth with tight radius and holes to create a bespoke gasket.

There is a short video on the home page where you can see this in action, where we take a design idea and develop it through to final stage production. We can also use it to produce the 2D patterns that we then work up into 3D hopper liners such as the orange one opposite.
  • Repeat short run orders
  • High volume low tolerance
  • Full range of different hardnesses
  • Rapid turn around available.
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